What’s the degas ultrasonic cleaner ?

A degas ultrasonic cleaner is an ultrasonic cleaning machine with degas mode, which could make the cleaning process more efficient.

1, Greatly shorten the heating or colling time after water injection, It is good for the system after the first adjustment.

2. Remove the gas ,prevent the gas resistance, ensure the stability of the ultrasonic system during the machine is normal working.

3. Eliminate the cavitation of water pump and reduce the noise.

4.After the oxygen removal from water, It will reduce the aerobic corrosion and extend the service life.

5. After the oxygen removal from water, It will improves the heating efficiency.

DK SONIC ultrasonic cleaner manufacture in China

Now our products are composed of Household ultrasonic CleanerDual Frequency Ultrasonic CleanerDigital Ultrasonic CleanerMechanical Ultrasonic CleanerIndustrial Ultrasonic Cleaner etc. All of our standard products have achieved most international standards, such as CE certification, RoHS certification, FCC certification etc. Besides, Dekang also have strict examining procedures for controlling the quality of non-standard products.

As to DKSONIC’s VIP customers, they can get latest product information and free samples of our new products , like degas ultrasonic cleaner, which cost less than a certain amount when they just appear on the market. Besides, DKSONIC provides 1 year’s warranty for all of our products. Any defective products may be replaced by new products unless they are broken intentionally. Moreover, DKSONIC launches several online inquiry platforms and technical discussion forum. Any customers can make an inquiry or ask technical questions online. Especially, customers can follow DKSONIC on Facebook, Twitter, VK, Linkedin, Google+, Youtube etc.

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